From my heart

As you all know Courtney Paige Bonsett was not a typical child, she was an angel and a gift sent to us from heaven by God. Courtney was generous, unselfish, polite, charming, thoughtful, non-judgmental, funny, caring and an incredibly compassionate soul. These are just a few of the qualities that made her an exceptional child. Everyone who met her was touched and felt the love and kindness that flowed from every pore in her body.  Courtney was always in pain from her legs and other ailments but never complained.  If asked, she would have shared her last bite of her cookie or favorite food with you. 

A favorite story of mine, which describes Courtney’s compassion for others, happened while Courtney was recovering from knee surgery and suffering great pain.  While strolling the halls of the hospital in her wheelchair, she came upon a little boy who had a band aid on his finger, her remark to the boy was” you poor thing” are you ok - does it hurt”. This is just one example of how Courtney lived her life always displaying empathy and placing other people’s needs before her own.  Courtney was always happy and full of joy; she never had an unkind word to say about anyone, never jealous and always thankful for what she had. 

Before every meal and at bedtime, Courtney would pray for her friends and family {and let me tell you it was a very long list} Dinner could be delayed as long as 15 minutes especially if she forgot someone and had to start all over again.   Courtney Paige Bonsett will be missed by every one who was lucky enough to have met her.  She could meet a perfect stranger and they would become best buds within minutes.   

Courtney was not a child with special needs, she had everything she needed. She had a loving family, friends who adored and respected her, and most importantly she had a heart that was pure as gold.  

Courtney was truly “a gift from God.”  One that we were only allowed to cherish on this Earth a short time. A gift of which we’ll have memories that will bring a smile to our lips until the day comes when it’s our time and she wraps her arms around us and guides us home.

She’s actually more with us in spirit today than she ever was.    Before distance kept us apart but know she’s omnipresent and will be in our hearts forever.  Courtney was an angel while present here on earth, on March 11, 2000 when she was called home by her other Father, she truly became one of God’s special angels. 

Courtney taught me a lot of lessons during her 9 short precious years with me.  She taught me to love unconditionally and to value the simple things in life.  The greatest way for each person in this world to honor Courtney’s memory is to live your life the way Courtney did while present here on earth.  

Forever in my heart Love,